Bearing failure expensive on industrial electric motors

How to pinpoint bearing failure at an early stage

Envelope signal processing is a relatively new technique used to pinpoint bearing failure at an early stage and can minimise the risk of machine damag... read more
Drive-over sensor strips measure tyre pressure and tread depth

Drivers under pressure

Jonathan Newell finds out how external tyre sensing aims to take the pressure off motorists to make regular checks of their tyres. It has to be don... read more
SPOT AL EQS pyrometer with actuator.

Spot pyrometer sensor delivers enhanced targeted alignment

Ametek Land reveals innovation that enables remotely controlled alignment of a Spot pyrometer for industrial processing applications. The Spot Actu... read more
Infrasound Microphone Set

Infrasound microphone for aerospace research measurements

GRAS releases a microphone with measurement capabilities at extremely low acoustic frequencies for performing aerospace noise tests. Following coll... read more
Andy Pye moderates debate on digital manufacturing

Data is the new Oil – the Digital Impact on Manufacturing

Andy Pye moderates a Digitising Manufacturing Conference panel discussion at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. Last November, 16 exp... read more