360 degree EMI shielding for D-sub connectors

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Positronic EM360 banding backshell
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Astute is now supplying the Positronic EM360 EMI shielding backshell for use with D-subminiature connectors for space and aviation applications.

Positronic’s EM360 machined banding backshell for D-subminiature connector applications is now available from Astute Electronics, a supplier of electronic components and value added services.

Developed in response to industry demands for constantly improved shielding effectiveness, the Positronic EM360 machined banding backshell provides 360 degree shield termination capability in a lightweight form factor.  It is targeted to spaceflight and commercial aerospace applications where overall shielding is a necessity.

The EM360 machined banding backshell has a split body design, with a choice of top opening, side opening and low-profile options. The backshells are supplied with captive jackscrews for fast and convenient installation. Various cable entry diameters are available to accommodate all usual cable sizes.  Manufactured using lightweight, low magnetic aluminium alloy (EN AW 5083), EM360 machined banding backshells are plated with electroless nickel plating providing wear resistance and corrosion protection.

Gary Evans, E-Mech Divisional Manager, Astute commented: “These EM360 banding backshells from Positronic are a lightweight, easily installed design that provides the assurance of vital EMI protection for the many commercial aerospace and space applications using popular D-subminature connectors.”

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