3D scanning added to automotive test lab

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Element Warren in Michigan has improved its capability to provide mechanical inspection services to the automotive industry with a new 3D scanner.

Element Materials Technology’s automotive testing laboratory, Element Warren, has invested in a new 3D scanning capability, allowing clients to test to higher accuracy and reduce testing turnaround times in dimensional testing services.

The Warren, MI location in the USA provides environmental testing for automotive interior components, including gap and flush measurements for components such as instrument panels, door panels, and hard trim, and sag measurements for overhead systems. The new investment will deliver increased accuracy and efficiency in dimensional testing services for product validation, with Element Warren accredited for a range of industry tests and OEM approvals under its A2LA 17025:2005 accreditation.

John Nelson, Element’s Executive Vice President, Transport and Industry, comments: “This investment demonstrates our commitment to the continual improvement of our testing services for automotive clients. Rapid advances in the transport sector, particularly in the supply of vehicles to new and dynamic markets, underlines the importance of high quality data. This investment will deliver more accurate insights to clients, creating more efficient processes to reduce project times, and delivering more streamlined product validation.

“As a major transport testing laboratory in the USA, Element Warren has supported the Detroit automotive industry for over a century and this investment will ensure we continue to shape the sector through smarter and more efficient testing processes.”

Element Warren provides testing services for a range of automotive interior components, including instrument panels, door panels and consoles, as well as automotive overhead systems, such as headlining.

The location also provides an extensive range of transport testing services, including full-vehicle testing, fuels and fluids testing, polymer and composites analysis, materials testing, corrosion, vibration, hydraulic and dynamics testing, and hybrid and electric vehicle battery testing.

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