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UK company is offering an aftermarket design for retrofitting to commercial vehicles to reduce emissions in line with imminent ULEZ regulations.

Visitors to the Eminox stand (B16) at EUROBUS expo 2016, NEC, Birmingham, will be able to find out how the company’s SCRT retrofit technology provides them with an effective route to complying with London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

The three-day event, 1-3 November, offers an opportunity to meet the Eminox team and see the latest evolution of exhaust after-treatment systems, which enable operators to meet the new emissions standards.

From September 2020, all vehicles entering the London ULEZ, which covers the same area as the Congestion Charging Zone, will need to meet Euro VI exhaust emission standards as a minimum, or pay a daily charge. For heavy duty vehicles that will be £100 per day and the penalty for entering the zone in a non-compliant vehicle, without paying the fee, will be £1,000.

Buses operating on Transport for London (TfL) controlled routes will need to meet the ULEZ standards one year earlier in 2019. In addition, 12 Low Emission Bus Zones (LEBZ) are to be implemented in pollution hotspots and the first two have already been announced as Putney High Street (February 2017) and Brixton – Streatham (October 2017).

The ULEZ rules allow retrofitted vehicles, if they meet tough new emissions standards equivalent to Euro VI, based on real-world operation, with the additional stipulation of an NO2 limit. The limits are: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx): 0.5 g/km, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 0.1 g/km, Particulate Matter (PM) 0.01 g/km and Particulate Number (PN) 6.0×1011 /km.

Eminox SCRT combines SCR and CRT technology and has been independently tested over the Millbrook London Transport Bus (MLTB) cycle, which simulates the challenging urban operating conditions in London. The after-treatment system has been shown to cut NO2 by 96.7%, NOx by 95%, PM by 98.8%, HC by 98.1% and CO by 96.5%.

Eminox SCRT retrofit technology can therefore be retrofitted to allow older vehicles to meet the new ULEZ standards. It represents a highly cost-effective system for bus operators, allowing them to retrofit 15 existing buses for the equivalent cost of one new Euro VI bus.

“We are encouraging bus operators to visit our stand to find out about the SCRT upgrade option, so they can start planning now to achieve ULEZ compliance,” says Chris Butcher, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Eminox. “Retrofit technology will be an attractive option for many operators, as it can meet the new standards at a fraction of the cost of buying a new vehicle.”

Chris added: “Most operators will be familiar with our company and technologies such as CRT, as we have specialised in this sector for almost 40 years – and still continue to manufacture in the UK. Emissions technologies have achieved a step change in performance in recent years, which is why EUROBUS expo is a great opportunity to talk to us about the latest innovations.”

Eminox SCRT also offers a means of complying with the proposed Clean Air Zones (CAZ) in five other cities; Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton. CAZs are set to be implemented by 2020 and DEFRA plans indicate that buses and coaches will be included in these requirements.

Eminox has successfully retrofitted over 3,500 vehicles with its SCRT technology, through working with local authorities, passenger transport executives and bus and operators.

“Our SCRT technology is proven to work in the real world and capable of upgrading vehicles to the standards of LEZ, ULEZs, LEBZ, E-Zones and CAZ across Europe,” added Chris Butcher. “Bus operators may already be aware of our established emissions technologies, now the latest generation of SCRT technology is achieving near-zero pollution levels, making it an ideal product for the raft of new legislation.”

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