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Automated optical inspection systems are now available for the electronics industry for use in quality control for PCB assembly.

Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) has launched a new range of automated optical inspection (AOI) machines which will inspect and measure components, connectors, solder, and pins on PCB assemblies. The automated IVS-PCBi machines use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence machine vision algorithms combined with the latest optical systems to provide fully automated inspection at a much lower price than traditional AOI systems.

The IVS-PCBi machines will put electronic manufacturers in a position to automate repetitive and critical inspection tasks at speed, coupled with low cost of ownership. The new IVS-PCBi machine is designed for flexibility and comes with a suite of optical inspection innovations to make set-up simple and easy. These features help both new and experienced operators achieve maximum inspection results quickly on fast-paced surface mount technology (SMT) lines. The system is ideal for the automated quality control checking of components, solder, surface inspection, rogue part detection, bent pins, conformal coat and position verification.

Developed to tackle today’s complex and shrinking printed circuit board assemblies, the IVS-PCBi machines can inspect even the smallest components, with no compromise on speed and resolution. The system is easy to program with fast set up and optional HD vision sensor add-ons to provide complete adaptable inspection of all elements of PCB production. Industrial Vision Systems’ advanced software and optical technology also provides statistical analysis and reporting, real time process monitoring, and image archiving without any operator intervention, thus providing peace of mind for in-process assembly inspection operations.

“Our IVS-PCBi machines enable faults to be detected as soon after the manufacture process as possible. Using our AOI machines as part of the PCB production process provides access to the very latest in value and innovation in the inspection market,” comments Earl Yardley, Industrial Vision Systems. “These machines will allow electronic manufacturers to rest assured in the knowledge that quality control is being handled accurately and automatically utilising the very latest in cutting edge machine vision technology. This enables their employees to step away from the inspection tasks to focus on other elements of the production process which will eventually improve the overall performance of their business. We are committed to continuously delivering products and services of the highest quality and greatest value to our customers.”

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