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Railway construction project in London Borough of Richmond is being monitored using Sentinel service to provide peace of mind to residents.

The London Borough of Richmond has ensured that noise from a construction project stayed within permitted levels utlising the subscription-based monitoring service, Sentinel.

The project to modernise Twickenham railway station would affect residential properties standing only a few feet away from the station. Over the past few years, regular improvement works on the tracks have caused disturbance to residents, who already live with high background noise, and the area has a history of frequent noise complaints.

The authority wanted to make sure that certain noise limits were not exceeded, so agreements were made between the construction contractor and the borough regarding permitted noise levels. Typically, local authorities monitor construction noise using attended measurements. The authority did not have the budget, equipment or staff to constantly monitor the construction site, but still needed a way to hold the contractor to the agreed terms and conditions – and a way to prove if these were neglected.

The borough had previously used the Sentinel service to monitor construction projects so knew that the service would meet their requirements perfectly. The system does exactly what they needed: keeps a continuous watch and send immediate alerts if noise limits are breached.

The system is calibrated, which means the data will hold up to any legal challenge – and all current and historical data, including sound clips, are stored in the cloud and accessible at all times. Most importantly for the borough, the Sentinel service includes a stakeholder website, so they could advertise to the public, share the noise data and highlight their activities.

With Sentinel, the borough was able to demonstrate noise compliance all the way through construction, and the project finished on time, without any delays or fines.

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