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The Picguard Urban glove provides users with protection across the whole surface for the hand from needle penetration whilst maintaining tactile sensitivity.

Honeywell has announced Picguard Urban, a new range of gloves that protects workers at risk of needle stick and puncture while offering improved comfort. Made using innovative reinforced yet thin and light materials, Picguard Urban makes the use of overgloves unnecessary, offering those working in sectors including waste management, cleaning, maintenance and law enforcement the extra flexibility and dexterity they need.

“Being punctured by objects such as hypodermic or glass needles, razor blades or metal wire remains a common and very serious risk for workers, one that can even lead to viral infections such as Hepatitis A, B, or C,” says Stéphanie Quilliet, Product Manager EMEA for Honeywell Industrial Safety. “After extensive testing, we discovered that  – unless workers wear overgloves – different types of hand movements can lead to injuries involving unprotected parts of the hand – such as the top of the finger, the external part of the hand and the thumb – that gloves would traditionally leave unprotected from needle stick. This glove offers a new level of protection while providing users with the comfort they need.”

Building upon the highly successful Picguard underglove, Picguard Urban is made using innovative puncture and tear resistant para-aramid, polyurethane and ceramic materials that protect the palm and fingers effectively. Additionally, reinforced protective coating on the fingertips and hand side offer better abrasion and puncture resistance. All these features make the use of overgloves unnecessary, meaning that workers can don and doff gloves more quickly while also benefitting from enhanced dexterity.

To improve comfort and breathability – and foster worker uptake – the Picguard Urban gloves are only 0.5mm thick and feature an ergonomic design with elastic cuff and fabrics. Additionally, the polyurethane texture surface on the palm offers better grip in both dry and wet environments while the new thumb crotch design ensures better flexibility on the forefinger. These features make Picguard Urban ideal for situations where tactile sensitivity is needed to handle small objects.

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