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International airport in Mumbai subscribes to NoiseDesk service for monitoring, reporting and mitigating noise levels.

To reduce its noise impact on surrounding communities and comply with domestic and international aviation regulations, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA Mumbai) has subscribed to Brüel & Kjær’s NoiseDesk.

NoiseDesk is a simple-to-use airport noise monitoring service that enables airports to implement a noise abatement programme with minimal staff or up-front investment.

The web-based approach cost-effectively addresses noise exposure, flight track compliance, operational and air traffic control reporting, complaint handling and community relations.

NoiseDesk provides CSIA Mumbai with a comprehensive noise management system that takes into account city background noise when monitoring aircraft sound levels. The system enables the airport to efficiently meet its noise abatement requirements while applying the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s balanced approach to reducing noise impact on the surrounding areas.

“NoiseDesk identifies the airport and aircraft noise and also helps us to implement the noise abatement procedures at our airport. With a more accurate understanding of noise impact due to aircraft operations, we can plan changes that increase community comfort,” said Shailendra Joshi, CSIA Mumbai DGM Environment & Sustainability.

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