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The DiM dynamic driving simulator from VI-grade makes its debut in Latin America with an installation for vehicle development at FCA Latam.

VI-grade has announced the forthcoming installation for FCA Latam (with headquarters based in Brasil) of the revolutionary motion platform named DiM (Driver in Motion) designed by VI-grade and engineered and manufactured by Saginomiya. The new driving simulator will be installed as a turn-key system at the “Centre of Excellence in Dynamics Simulation and Vehicle Active Safety” at PUC-Minas in Belo Horizonte (MG) and will be the first dynamic driving simulator to be ever installed in Latin America.

The simulator, scheduled to be delivered in the forthcoming months and to come into operation in early 2017, will be mainly used by FCA Latam for the development of new cars and components, with the purpose of improving the design phase by anticipating subjective analysis done on test tracks and roads. The simulator will also be used for academic research and to provide services to other companies and institutions: the Government may contract the Simulation Centre for virtual testing of new roads, thus assessing their safety before their realisation, or universities could conduct psychological research on the behaviour and the reaction of drivers in particular traffic situations.

“We have been increasingly approached by companies looking for systems that can generate innovation. This project is very important to us, since it is multidisciplinary: nowadays, knowledge is multidisciplinary and the university, by definition, is an environment that leads to multidiscipline areas” says Sergio Hanriot, Dean of Research and Graduates, PUC Minas. “The partnership between PUC and FCA Latam began more than 20 years ago, with the introduction of a specialist course in Automotive Engineering. Since 1999, this partnership has lead to over 50 dissertations, and this number will certainly increase with the implementation of the Centre of Excellence.”

“We are extremely happy to report this commercial success at FCA Latam”, said Guido Bairati, Sales Director, VI-grade. “Together with Saginomiya, and thanks to the support of our partner Multicorpos, FCA Latam has added to the growing list of customers that chose to believe in the superior value of our technology.”

The 9 degrees-of-freedom DiM platform has been designed in order to take full advantage of VI-MotionCueing as well as of all other software technology developed by VI-grade and its partners. The DiM concept enables the extension of the motion envelope and the separation of low and high frequency contributions, which makes this type of motion platform unique and suitable for both vehicle dynamics and ride studies.

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