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Intertek has extended its test facilities beyond petrol and diesel emissions to encompass electriv vehicle type approval.

At LCV2016, Intertek will announce that it has become one of the first facilities in Europe to be credited to perform power certification testing on eMotors, enabling the company to provide type approval testing for petrol, diesel and now electric vehicle engines.

The VCA, (the UK’s type approval authority) this month credited Intertek Milton Keynes to perform type approval testing to ECE Regulation 85 power certification on electric motors.

This latest development puts Intertek in the position of being able to provide a comprehensive development and certification service, which means it not only helps manufacturers develop vehicle engines, but it also performs type approval testing services at the same location.

Intertek is bringing its total quality assurance, testing, inspection and certification package for the automotive industry to the UK low carbon vehicle event LCV2016, following significant investment this year in the company’s electric and hybrid testing facilities. The company will showcase its testing, assurance and advisory service for electric motors, full hybrid drivelines and fired engines, as well as specific automotive testing expertise of battery packs, electrical systems, charging infrastructure and complete vehicles.

Intertek’s support of the automotive industry extends beyond the world of powertrain and electric and hybrid vehicles. The company is developing its on-road emissions testing capability using PEMS equipment as well as offering a wide range of services including materials testing, polymer and interior trim testing and vehicle fleet trials services.

Tony Braddon, Managing Director, Intertek Transportation Technologies Milton Keynes, who will be attending both days of the event, said: “Intertek recognises that the automotive industry is moving into a high-tech future where the use of internal combustion engines is being augmented and in many cases superseded by hybrid technology, batteries and electric motors.  To best support our manufacturing clients with comprehensive development and certification services, we have responded swiftly to changing regulations and are extending our type approval capability from petrol and diesel to include electric motors too.

“This new capability complements our services in the UK, which is the largest market for ultra-low emission vehicles in Europe and where Intertek is well positioned to offer the UK’s highest capacity electric vehicle driveline testing equipment, including high capacity battery simulators and the latest exhaust emissions measurement systems.”

Exhibiting at stand C3-423, Intertek will also be presenting on “The challenges of testing high performance electric motors” at this year’s LCV2016.

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