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Flexible connectivity for industrial safety products
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Honeywell is demonstrating its latest innovations in the protection of workers in hazardous environments at UK security trade show.

Visitors to this year’s IFSEC International security trade show will learn how Honeywell’s innovations in real-time safety intelligence can enhance worker safety and prevent costly downtime.

Honeywell will outline the latest thinking and innovations in its connected safety vision and will show its latest wireless and sensor technologies paired with software, data analytics and cloud infrastructure to give safety managers an accurate, real-time picture of safety. By integrating this data, safety managers will then be able to anticipate and prevent equipment failure, which can threaten worker safety and lead to costly downtime.

One of the key developments is Honeywell’s safety card, a credit-card sized wearable gas detection and air quality monitoring system, which offers industrial workers an enhanced level of protection by monitoring for harmful pollutants. A cost-effective, flexible connected safety product, the safety card has huge potential and could be applied in a diverse range of environments to protect people’s long-term health.

With 700 million industrial workers operating across a diverse range of industries around the world, including nearly 210 million (about 30%) working in dangerous, high-risk environments, worker safety has never been more important.

“Safety managers in all environments, high- and low-risk, have a fine balancing act to make. Not only do they have to ensure their company is compliant with relevant health and safety legislation and that their workforce is protected, but they also need to be able to make better business decisions to improve productivity and maintain competitive advantage,” said Sean Clay, vice president and general manager at Honeywell Industrial Safety EMEAI. “Through our connected safety innovations, such as Honeywell’s new safety card, we are in a position to arm safety managers with the tools they need to improve productivity and efficiency and also enhance worker safety. We are now at the exciting stage of taking our connected safety vision to the next level and will be outlining some of the key products at the show.”

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