Hexagonal bolt temperature probes

Hexagonal bolt temperature probes

Amplifier heating monitoring for communication equipment using hexagonal bolt temperature sensing probes. Comlab based at Ittigen in Switzerland is... read more
Smaller shaker tables for high force shock testing

Mixed signals provide Shock ‘n Shake

Jonathan Newell finds out how two-in-one mechanical stress screening is possible when combining test procedures on one electrodynamic shaker table. ... read more
Comet and laser vibration controllers

High Energy Vibration testing

Jonathan Newell talks to Brüel and Kjaer about applications for high energy vibration test systems and the factors to be considered when purchasing t... read more
Ultra high power amplifier

TWT based and solid state amps on show at EMC event

The EMC UK event will be attended by TMD with its latest range of pulsed Travelling Wave Tube and solid state amplifiers. TMD is attending the EMC ... read more