Offices at IUK

Alarm management software helps keep the gas flowing

Bi-directional flow and pressure through gas pipeline terminals in Belgium and the UK gain alarm management using ProcessVue software. By implement... read more
In cylinder simulation for EcoBlue diesel engines

In cylinder simulation helps ford develop EcoBlue engine

Ford motor company makes use of mathematical modelling inside the cylinder to optimise air flow for improved fuel consumption. Ford has used an inn... read more
Spectrum DN6.49x-48 digitizerNETBOX

Multi-channel signal analysis with wide input range

The LXI based digitizerNETBOX from Spectrum Instrumentation provides wide flexibility in data acquisition and signal analysis for test engineers. S... read more
Data Chasm

Bridging the big data chasm

James Willis, Technical Marketing Engineer at National Instruments examines improvement in test data storage and analysis to overcome the big data cha... read more
Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser

Gas analysis instrument with data acquisition software

The Lancom 4 portable gas analyser has been improved with free downloadable data acquisition features and easy connectivity to other equipment. AME... read more