OppCharge charging station inaugurated in Gothenburg

Open interface charging system for Swedish buses

ABB have teamed with Volvo to create charging stations in Gothenburg with an open standard interface. Volvo Buses and ABB have inaugurated a chargi... read more
48V eSupercharger enabled MAHLE small engine to produce more than 300nm and 260hp

12v eSupercharger boosts performance at reduced emissions

eSupercharger provides improved boost system response and refinement within the confines of a 12V architecture. Electric forced induction specialis... read more

Safety focus at Automobility event

Ricardo is providing its perspective on autonomous vehicle safety at this year's Automobility event in Michigan. Ricardo will publish a white paper... read more

Critical topics identified in smart transport research

TRL has identified cyber security, virtual reality and AI as topics at the centre of its research projects over the coming year. Cyber security, vi... read more

HIL testing software for the automotive industry

National Instruments updates VeriStand enabling Hardware-in-the-Loop testing systems to be developed for advanced automotive engineering. NI has re... read more