Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser

Gas analysis instrument with data acquisition software

The Lancom 4 portable gas analyser has been improved with free downloadable data acquisition features and easy connectivity to other equipment. AME... read more
Olympus rugged Vanta XRF

Rugged XRF instrument delivers lab quality material analysis

The Vanta X-Ray Fluorescence analyser from Olympus is a handheld device for performing material analysis in harsh conditions. Olympus has introduce... read more
Computer simulation of kit cavitation

Computer simulation discloses new cavitation mechanism

Researchers have discovered a so-far unknown mechanism for the formation of cavitation bubbles by the means of model calculation. Oil-repellent and... read more
SpectrOil 100 Series elemental spectrometer

Elemental spectrometer for on-site inspection

Quality control and oil analysis of laboratory quality can be performed on site using the SpectrOil 100 elemental spectrometer. Engineered to exped... read more
Ion Science MiniPID 2 sensor

VOC detector features self diagnostics

The MiniPID 2 sensor range from Ion Science now features long life lamp and self-diagnostic feature. Ion Science has introduced several ground-brea... read more