Alpha Connect cordsets and accessories

Robust connectivity for industrial environments

Alpha Connect range provides connectivity for factory automation including cables and connections which are suitable for use in harsh industrial envir... read more
compressed air delivery via modular interfaces

Pneumatic connector module with high mating cycles

Simple push-pull connection capability with optional hot-swap is available with the Han Pneumatic Module connection system for industrial applications... read more
Han-Modular Metal Docking Frame

Modular docking frame makes blind connections easy

Multiple electrical and pneumatic connections can be made in a single haptic connection system using the Han-Modular metal docking frame from Harting.... read more
PushPull V4 industrial connector

DIN type connectors for miniaturised applications

A miniaturised DIN connector for both reflow and wave soldering assembly methods is available for electronics manufacturers. Device manufacturers f... read more
Waterproof pushlock circular connectors

Tactile connectors for blind mate installations

Circular push lock connectors for use in harsh environments available with audible and tactile feedback for easy blind mating. Astute Electronics i... read more