Outdoor noise and vibration monitoring station

Vibration monitoring station for construction projects

The SV 258 PRO outdoor acoustic and vibration monitor from Svantek is built to withstand harsh environments over long periods of monitoring. Svante... read more
Night view of Brisbane ferry terminal

Moving pontoons protect Brisbane ferry port

Aurecon has employed innovative moving architectural designs to provide protection to Brisbane ferry terminals from floating debris. In association... read more
Contelec Vert-X 48E magnetic sensor

Non contact heavy duty rotary position sensor

A magnetic encoder with no contact is available for rotary positioning measurement for systems in the automotive and construction industries. Conte... read more
Sentinel monitoring in Richmond

Monitoring service protects Twickenham residents

Railway construction project in London Borough of Richmond is being monitored using Sentinel service to provide peace of mind to residents. The Lon... read more
Ground vibration sensor

Vibration monitoring to minimise structural impact

The Type 3680 Vibration Monitoring Terminal can be used for human impact or protection of historic artefacts. Brüel & Kjær has announced the ... read more