Laboratory group celebrates anniversary

Cherwell Laboratories is attending the Pharmig event and celebrating its 45th anniversary year. Cherwell Laboratories is celebrating its 45th anniv... read more

Extreme sensors start up gains funding

The IMechE has provided investment from the Stephenson Fund to ProxiSense for the development of sensor products for use in extreme environments. T... read more
Testo lab at Stansted

East London lab takes Automatic temperature logging

Stansted Laboratories is using Saveris 2 wireless temperature data loggers from Testo for maintaining precise temperatures. Test equipment speciali... read more
Robots certified for cleanroom use

Cleanroom certification for collaborative robots

Collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots have been certified for use in ISO 5 cleanrooms. Universal Robots’ lightweight collaborative robot... read more
Audi introduces bio-defence mode

New filter system brings relief to allergy sufferers

Audi has announced its own version of an advanced air conditioning filter on a high volume production model car to help allergy sufferers. From thi... read more