Critical topics identified in smart transport research

TRL has identified cyber security, virtual reality and AI as topics at the centre of its research projects over the coming year. Cyber security, vi... read more

Industrial networking for the IoT training

Training courses are being planned in the UK for the use of PROFINET as a building block for creating industrial internet of things networks. With ... read more
Data security for oil and gas projects

Report examines cyber security in energy sector

Real-time data transfer project report aims to address the cyber security issues relating to industrial networks used in the oil and gas industry. ... read more

Virtual machine management software makes its debut

The prpl Foundation has demonstrated its prplHypervisor for preventing industrial IoT attacks from moving laterally from one function to another. T... read more
MAC Solutions FlexThink Conference

Annual conference explores growth of IIoT

eWON and MAC Solutions have held their first conference for machine builders on the development of the IIoT and Industry 4.0. A conference held in ... read more