VSTEP simulator at Bulgarian Naval Academy

Marine operations simulator for Bulgarian Navy

The Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy is Bulgaria is providing virtual ship operations training to its students using simulation technology. On the 6t... read more
PXI test instruments for military and aviation programmes

PXI instrumentation for aerospace and defence testing

Collaboration between NI and Astronics results in further PXI instruments to support test programmes in the aerospace and defence industries. Natio... read more
Elbit Systems Skylark C UAV

Autonomous aerial vehicle for maritime surveillance

The Skylark C UAV from Elbit Systems has been designed for covert maritime surveillance operations and autonomous recovery. Elbit Systems has devel... read more
Multi-spectral imaging payload system

Multi-spectral electro-optic payload system

Elbit systems combines multiple cameras and sensors in one payload for a variety of missions in military as well as search and rescue operations. A... read more
A view beyond the visible with Skylens

Easing the final approach

Jonathan Newell looks at a combination of cameras and HUD to provide helicopter pilots with a clear vision of difficult approaches in severe weather c... read more