Omron Dust Sensor

Dust sensor for HVAC pollution control

Compact dust sensor from Omron can be used in air conditioning systems for detecting dust and other particulate contaminants. Omron Electronic Comp... read more
Smiths Detection RadSeeker with Symetrica Discovery Technology

DHS takes radioisotope detection systems

Discovery Technology from Symetrica features in RadSeeker radioisotope identifier and detector for use on US borders. The first regular shipments o... read more
Ion Science MiniPID 2 sensor

VOC detector features self diagnostics

The MiniPID 2 sensor range from Ion Science now features long life lamp and self-diagnostic feature. Ion Science has introduced several ground-brea... read more
Falco fixed PID for VOC monitoring

VOC monitors for harsh conditions

Humidity and contamination resistance enable detectors of volatile organic compounds to be used with confidence in harsh climates and weather conditio... read more

Fibre optic acoustic detection and security for gas pipeline

A gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe will gain security protection and leak detection through OptaSense and Optilan fibre optic system. QinetiQ... read more