Safety focus at Automobility event

Ricardo is providing its perspective on autonomous vehicle safety at this year's Automobility event in Michigan. Ricardo will publish a white paper... read more
5G technology for vehicles in platoons

The Connected Car – the race to autonomy

Abhay Samant of NI tells Jonathan Newell about the need for a highly flexible approach to prototyping and testing sensor systems for the cars of the f... read more
A smile tells pedestrians the car is aware of them

Smiling car development to help pedestrians feel safe

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Autonomous cars could induce motion sickness

Simulating motion sickness for driverless cars

Ansible Motion is using Driver-in-the-Loop simulation technology to enable designers to make piloting an autonomous vehicle less nauseating. With m... read more
TRL delegation with Oxbotica vehicle

Australian Minister visits UK driverless car project

The Transport and Infrastructure Minister of Australia has visited the Smart Mobility Living Lab in Greenwich for autonomous transport. South Austr... read more