Positronic EM360 banding backshell

360 degree EMI shielding for D-sub connectors

Astute is now supplying the Positronic EM360 EMI shielding backshell for use with D-subminiature connectors for space and aviation applications. Po... read more
Variable speed drive enclosures for HVAC applications

Protective enclosures for variable speed drives

IP55 rated enclosures protect variable speed drives in industrial and process applications during exposure to harsh environments. WEG has developed... read more
Disk drive manufacturing

Three decades of keeping it clean

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Protective material for contactless position sensor housing

Position sensor housing demands innovative polymer

Low moisture pickup PBT polymer used in the construction of a housing for the protection of automotive contactless positional sensors. Continental ... read more
Sealing products for smart city applications

Vented electronics last longer in smart city applications

Robert Chamberlain of W L Gore & Associates GmbH explains how vents can ensure electronic components in smart city applications have long, effecti... read more