Offices at IUK

Alarm management software helps keep the gas flowing

Bi-directional flow and pressure through gas pipeline terminals in Belgium and the UK gain alarm management using ProcessVue software. By implement... read more
Thin film smart graphene

Moth eyes inspire smart graphene applications

New ultra-thin, patterned graphene sheets will be essential in designing future technologies such as ‘smart wallpaper’ and internet-of-things appl... read more

Plug-in vehicle project presentation at Cenex LCV 2016

First results from TRL regarding the CVEI low energy vehicle project will be presented at the Cenex LCV 2016 event in September. TRL will be reveal... read more
Engineering challenges of noise in the ether

Noise in the ether

Andy Pye finds out how noise levels in the ether are providing engineering challenges both on the macro and micro scale. Wind energy is to have a m... read more
Twin Archimedean screw turbine installation

Historic development to have hydroelectric power

Archimedean screw turbines are being installed at a river weir in Otley to provide electrical energy to a new housing development. Garnett Wharfe, ... read more