Electric vehicle in use as domestic power source

The first vehicle-to-grid installation has been performed in Loughborough to use an electric vehicle as a power source for domestic electricity. Ce... read more

TRL supports phasing out of old diesels

Positive reaction to Government consideration of diesel reduction scheme needs associated encouragement to take up ULEV transport says TRL. Followi... read more

Project to investigate smart EV car park to power the grid

Cenex to join research team to see how energy between the electricity grid and electric vehicles can be balanced in a car park in Solihull. Cenex w... read more

Clean tech acquisition for urban freight

Tevva Motors takes a further step towards developing clean urban freight transport with the acquisition of Vayon Energy Storage. Tevva Motors is co... read more

First 100 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles deployed across Europe

Light commercial electric vehicles with range extending hydrogen fuel cell technology are now being used in France, German and UK to prove viability. ... read more