TR-630 automated test rig

Marine company invests in environmental test rig

Thermal enclosure and automatic water spray provide wide environmental condition in new marine tensioner pad testing rig from Red Engineering. Enha... read more
6125 series LED floodlights for hazardous areas

LED floodlights for challenging environments

Zone 1 and 2 floodlights with high impact resistance available for manufacturing as well as energy extraction environments. R STAHL, a manufacturer... read more
The Ichthys LNG Project

Safety support for large Australian LNG project

HIMA is at the heart of ensuring safe startup and operations of the Ichthys Liquefied Natural Gas extraction project off the Australian coast. Ener... read more

Analyser management software reduces cost for oil producers

New metering tool from Hint is available to reduce the costs of workplace and laboratory analyser management within the cost sensitive oil industry. ... read more
Extreme temperature gas flow sensor

Gas flow sensors for extreme environments

Morgan is using its experience in gas transducers and materials technology to develop a range of gas flow sensors that can withstand extreme temperatu... read more