Renewable HVO diesel extends to car use for Scania employees

Swedish employees in vegetable fuel pilot

Employees of Scania are being invited to take part in a study to use Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil or HVO as a fuel in their diesel powered vehicles. ... read more
Nissan LEAF home charging

Ultra-capacity polymer supercapacitor battery replacement

Andy Pye examines the future of new technology in ultra-capacity polymer supercapacitors and whether they are a viable alternative to EV batteries. ... read more
IVECO Stralis travels 837 miles without refuelling

LNG powered truck travels 837 miles without refuelling

A Stralis HGV powered from liquified natural gas has travelled from John O'Groats to Land's End on a single tankful of the clean fuel. An IVECO New... read more
Gas powered Iveco Stralis

Truck producer wins natural gas power award

Iveco has taken the NGV Global Industry Champion award for the development of its commercial vehicles using gas power sources. Iveco has won the "N... read more

Organic Rankine cycle power generation research

Consortium embarks on research project to bring reliable solar energy and renewable heat source to the Chinese energy market. High energy density, ... read more