TREV at the Geneva motor show

Introducing TREV from China

Andy Pye reviews the TREV electric vehicle from China that was widely regarded to be the most interesting exhibit at the Geneva motor show. The per... read more
Audi electro-mechanical roll stabilisation

Production car features electric powered compressor

Andy Pye reports on the new Audi SQ7 with electrically powered compressor for keeping performance up and emissions down. Tapping into extra acceler... read more
QM-2 test of NASA SLS solid rocket booster in Promontory, Utah

Ground test completed on deep space rocket booster

Orbital ATK take another step towards putting man on Mars with successful testing of the NASA SLS deep space solid rocket motor. In partnership wit... read more
Aviation filter housing design reflects the diversity of requirements

Aviation filtration keeps the fluid flowing

Jonathan Newell examines the changing nature of aviation filtering systems as passenger expectations place more demands on auxiliary power. Think o... read more

Fibre optic acoustic detection and security for gas pipeline

A gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe will gain security protection and leak detection through OptaSense and Optilan fibre optic system. QinetiQ... read more