Yokogawa WT3000E Transformer

Power analysis for transformer testing

High accuracy power analyser enables utility companies to test power levels of transformers and identify costly losses. The new Yokogawa WT3000E Tr... read more

Upgraded functions in VirtualBench

All-in-one instrument gains improved function generator performance and upgraded oscilloscope for automated test systems. National Instruments (NI)... read more
Mitutoyo equipment in use at OLD Engineering

Engineering company takes high precision inspection equipment

Mitutoyo FormTracer is enabling a Leicestershire engineering company to have the correct inspection precision to take on more complex tasks. Taking... read more
Monowave 50 for high temperature experiments

Rapid chemical synthesis experiment instrument

The Monowave 50 has been designed to enable students to perform simple and safe chemical synthesis experiments at elevated temperature and pressures. ... read more
Litesizer 100 particle analyser

Particle analyser for nano and microparticles

Simplified instrument from Anton Paar uses light scattering for measuring size and molecular mass of nanoparticles. Since last year, the Litesizer ... read more