Micro Epsilon at Advanced Engineering show

Thermal imaging system on show at Advanced Engineering event

Micro-Epsilon will be attending the Advanced Engineering event with its sensor technologies including thermal imaging for plastics technology. Prec... read more

Laser blocking filter protects thermal camera

Thermal imaging cameras for process monitoring now available with notch filter to prevent damage from processes using lasers. Micro-Epsilon’s the... read more
Infrared pyrometer

IR pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement

Additional pyrometers in the Micro-Epsilon IR range enable non-contact measurement of temperatures in thin plastic film. Micro-Epsilon has extended... read more
scanCONTROL compact laser profile sensor

Full sensor range at instrumentation event

Micro-Epsilon will be attending the Sensors and Instrumentation exhibition in September to showcase its range of sensor technologies. At the Sensor... read more
NIR-B Glass thermal imaging Borescope

Near Infrared borescope for glass melt furnaces

Ametek Land is now producing an auto-retracting thermal imaging borescope to perform monitoring of temperatures in the glass production industry. N... read more