6125 series LED floodlights for hazardous areas

LED floodlights for challenging environments

Zone 1 and 2 floodlights with high impact resistance available for manufacturing as well as energy extraction environments. R STAHL, a manufacturer... read more
Exit luminaires for commercial premises

Stylish luminaires illuminate evacuation routes

A new range of lighting products from Eaton provide builders with more options for providing emergency lighting. Eaton has launched a range of attr... read more

Smart cities to improve urban mobility

Report on the development of smart cities over the next five years examines urban mobility, productivity, parking and street lighting. A white pape... read more
Dynamic glass darkens on demand

Partnership pioneers low energy dynamic glass

Kinestral and AGC have joined forces in the production of glazing products for construction and transport industries that dynamically changes transpar... read more
Paint shop environmental impact reduction at Skoda

Sustainability improvements at Czech automotive manufacturer

Skoda is delivering its plans to improve sustainability and reduce waste and emissions at its manufacturing facilities. Responsible and sustainable... read more