Ceramic bearings for cryogenic applications

Ceramics for extreme bearings

Jonathan Newell talks to Erick Sloan of Carter Manufacturing about the rise of ceramic bearing materials and the applications they are used in. The... read more
Thin film smart graphene

Moth eyes inspire smart graphene applications

New ultra-thin, patterned graphene sheets will be essential in designing future technologies such as ‘smart wallpaper’ and internet-of-things appl... read more
Olympus rugged Vanta XRF

Rugged XRF instrument delivers lab quality material analysis

The Vanta X-Ray Fluorescence analyser from Olympus is a handheld device for performing material analysis in harsh conditions. Olympus has introduce... read more
Computer simulation of kit cavitation

Computer simulation discloses new cavitation mechanism

Researchers have discovered a so-far unknown mechanism for the formation of cavitation bubbles by the means of model calculation. Oil-repellent and... read more
High-precision alumina ceramic stylus stems

Alumina ceramic stylus stems for CMM equipment

Renishaw is using stylus stems using innovative materials from Morgan for use on its range of coordinate measurement machines. A long-term supplier... read more