In cylinder simulation for EcoBlue diesel engines

In cylinder simulation helps ford develop EcoBlue engine

Ford motor company makes use of mathematical modelling inside the cylinder to optimise air flow for improved fuel consumption. Ford has used an inn... read more
CFD software in action

CFD software reduces engine development times

Car racing company Ilmor has been using CFD software for prototyping and simulating innovative combustion chamber designs without the need to produce ... read more
Paper TSO Tester

Ultrasonic testing of paper products

Andy Pye examines a unique tool using ultrasonics for early prediction of the performance of paper and board materials while optimising key production... read more
Compressed sensing for reduced exposure to medical radiation

Compressed sampling may reduce exposure to medical radiation

Eight years ago, Australian-born mathematician Terence Tao launched a completely new and highly sophisticated mathematical theory which may be set to ... read more