HORIBA MIRA receives RDE route approval from RDW

RDE route approval from Dutch authority

The Dutch approval organisation, RDW has approved the HORIBA MIRA RDE routes for use in vehicle emission certification testing. HORIBA MIRA's capab... read more
Aerial view of MIRA Technology Park

Investment bears fruit for automotive testing

UK automotive engineering and testing facility gains significant benefits from investment to deliver testing, compliance and autonomy plans. HORIBA... read more
EMC test chamber at HORIBA MIRA

Packing the EMC bullies in with the victims

Jonathan Newell visits HORIBA MIRA to speak to EMC Chief Engineer Anthony Martin about the EMC landscape in modern connected vehicles and how they are... read more

Phase 1 intelligent mobility trials begin

A UK project for connected intelligent transport has begun with trials to take place in the Midlands involving vehicle and infrastructure technology. ... read more

Cyber security testing available for military vehicles

A full vehicle chamber is open at HORIBA MIRA for performing TEMPEST testing to provide accreditation to cyber security standards for military equipme... read more