48V eSupercharger enabled MAHLE small engine to produce more than 300nm and 260hp

12v eSupercharger boosts performance at reduced emissions

eSupercharger provides improved boost system response and refinement within the confines of a 12V architecture. Electric forced induction specialis... read more
Aerotech PRO Series Gen II linear stages

Accurate positioning stages with temperature compensation

Additional sizes have been added to the Aerotech range of industrial linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages. Aerotech’s PRO series indust... read more
modular multi-functional robot system

Modular robot performs challenging tasks

Multi-functional modular robot system operating as unmanned vehicle uses compact, high performance DC motors. When architectural designer Philip st... read more
SmartQB condition monitoring system

Plug and play monitoring for pumps and motors

A multi-sensor monitoring system from Schaeffler provides automatic fault diagnosis whilst continuously monitoring rotating plant and equipment. Pr... read more

Variable speed drive testing for motors

A new test facility in Helsinki is available for the assessment of product performance for variable speed drive and motor combinations. ABB has ina... read more