News listing from National Instruments

Collaborative project on 5G wireless trials

NI joins BT and the Universities of Bristol and Lund on collaborative massive MIMO field trials for the development of 5G wireless communications. ... read more

Upgraded functions in VirtualBench

All-in-one instrument gains improved function generator performance and upgraded oscilloscope for automated test systems. National Instruments (NI)... read more

Tech partners collaborate on HiL ADAS testing

Konrad and SET have combined their expertise to produce Hardware-in-the-Loop simulated testing systems for ADAS based on NI platform. Due to contin... read more

Industrial Internet of Things laboratory opens

NI is promoting innovation and industrial collaboration with the opening of a new IIoT lab in Austin. National Instruments (NI) is opening a new NI... read more

High speed PXI oscilloscope

The PXIe-5164 oscilloscope from NI has open modular architecture and user programmable FPGA. National Instruments (NI) has announced the PXIe-5164 ... read more