Artist impression of Beagle 2 on Mars

Novel analysis technique solves Beagle 2 mystery

Andy Pye revisits the Beagle 2 Mars landing to look at analysis performed to gain further insight into the space programme failure mechanisms. In a... read more
Colour recognition sensors

Smart colour sensors for automatic inspection

Colour recognition sensors from Micro-Epsilon can be used for inspection of LED light arrays, luminaires or material colour inspection and verificatio... read more

Microscanner creates virtual interactivity possibilities

A high precision MEMS scanner from Bosch enables interactive laser projection turning any surface into a virtual user interface. At Mobile World Co... read more

Understanding non contact colour measurement

Stephen Smith, Product Sales Engineer at Micro-Epsilon UK explains the technology of non contact colour measurement sensors. Colour measurement sen... read more
Enhanced thermal imaging for glass production

Glass producer controls glass melt with thermal borescope

A near infrared borescope from Ametek Land is helping Holophane make accurate temperature measurements in its glass melt tank. Holophane has implem... read more