Confocal controllers for distance and thickness measurement

Sub micrometer resolution measurement controller

Confocal measurement controller range provides sub-micrometer resolutions for distance and thickness measurements. Micro-Epsilon has launched a new... read more

Single pixel camera mimics animal vision

Research paper describes single pixel camera that prioritises focus on areas in field of vision of most interest. In a paper published in the "Scie... read more
Explosion-protected camera system for hazardous areas

CCTV cameras for explosion risk environments

A range of explosion protected cameras has been developed for surveillance and monitoring in hazardous process industries. R STAHL has extended its... read more
Artist impression of Beagle 2 on Mars

Novel analysis technique solves Beagle 2 mystery

Andy Pye revisits the Beagle 2 Mars landing to look at analysis performed to gain further insight into the space programme failure mechanisms. In a... read more
Colour recognition sensors

Smart colour sensors for automatic inspection

Colour recognition sensors from Micro-Epsilon can be used for inspection of LED light arrays, luminaires or material colour inspection and verificatio... read more