Upgraded functions in VirtualBench

All-in-one instrument gains improved function generator performance and upgraded oscilloscope for automated test systems. National Instruments (NI)... read more

High speed PXI oscilloscope

The PXIe-5164 oscilloscope from NI has open modular architecture and user programmable FPGA. National Instruments (NI) has announced the PXIe-5164 ... read more
Spectrum DN6.49x-48 digitizerNETBOX

Multi-channel signal analysis with wide input range

The LXI based digitizerNETBOX from Spectrum Instrumentation provides wide flexibility in data acquisition and signal analysis for test engineers. S... read more
Microlease Automotive Tool Box

UK company offers test equipment rental

Automotive industry suppliers are able to perform the wide variety of testing functions needed by using a flexible equipment rental scheme. The com... read more
Compact lab oscilloscope

Compact lab oscilloscope for complex tasks

The RTO2000 oscilloscope with gesture control provides designers with the ability to perform complex measurement tasks for multi-domain applications. ... read more