Aftermarket technology for ULEZ compliance

Aftermarket emission control for ULEZ regulation

UK company is offering an aftermarket design for retrofitting to commercial vehicles to reduce emissions in line with imminent ULEZ regulations. Vi... read more
Omron Dust Sensor

Dust sensor for HVAC pollution control

Compact dust sensor from Omron can be used in air conditioning systems for detecting dust and other particulate contaminants. Omron Electronic Comp... read more
Audi introduces bio-defence mode

New filter system brings relief to allergy sufferers

Audi has announced its own version of an advanced air conditioning filter on a high volume production model car to help allergy sufferers. From thi... read more
Higher tariffs based on emissions

Smart parking adjusts tariffs to emissions

A development from APT Skidata enables car park operators to adjust parking tariffs based on the CO2 emissions of the vehicles. APT Skidata has lau... read more
Power certification testing on eMotors

UK independent electric vehicle test facility

Intertek has extended its test facilities beyond petrol and diesel emissions to encompass electriv vehicle type approval. At LCV2016, Intertek will... read more