Temperature effects on displacement sensors

Thermal stability effects on displacement sensors

Chris Jones of Micro-Epsilon explains the different types of non-contact displacement sensors and how they are affected by thermal stability. The t... read more
Contelec Vert-X 48E magnetic sensor

Non contact heavy duty rotary position sensor

A magnetic encoder with no contact is available for rotary positioning measurement for systems in the automotive and construction industries. Conte... read more
ICH series iron core linear motor

High force linear positioning motors

Iron core linear motors from Heason Technology are available for high force and rapid throughput manufacturing applications. Kollmorgen’s ICH ser... read more

Positioning system for high load DUTs

Balanced high load platform provides precise positioning of large devices undergoing EMC testing. MVG-Orbit/FR, an established manufacturer of adva... read more
Confocal sensor

Nanometre resolution confocal sensors

Large working distances are offered with a new range of high precision nanometre resolution confocal chromatic sensors. Micro-Epsilon has launched ... read more