DL01 digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauge with data logging capability

The DL01 pressure gauge with built-in data logging function from Impress is designed for testing for leaks and monitoring pipelines. A range of bat... read more
Immersible sensor

Submersible sensors for fuel depth measurement

Remote power generation sites for telecoms and utility companies can benefit from submersible tank sensors for monitoring fuel levels. Submersible ... read more

Smart sensor system for environmental monitoring

IoT connected sensors provide insight into environmental parameters in smart buildings such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Heliu... read more

Differential pressure transmitter production starts in India

Yokogawa will meet the custom product requirements of the Indian process industry market with local production of differential pressure / pressure tra... read more
Pressure Sensors Group

Industrial pressure sensing devices

A range of piezo-resistive pressure sensors using stainless steel or silicon technology for different applications in research or production environme... read more