Safety focus at Automobility event

Ricardo is providing its perspective on autonomous vehicle safety at this year's Automobility event in Michigan. Ricardo will publish a white paper... read more
Collaborative robots in manufacturing

Robots in collaboration with humans

Andy Pye looks at the emerging technology of collaborative robotics and some of the safety implications which need to be addressed. Traditionally, ... read more
Visualising human expsure to RF emissions

Software Visualisation of human exposure to RF emissions

Updated EMF Visual Software from MVG will be demonstrated at the European Microwave Week event taking place in London in October. The global teleco... read more
Rollover crash test facility at Millbrook

Small offset and roll over crash testing facility opens

Additional facilities have been added to the crash test capabilities of Millbrook in the UK for performing small offset and roll over crash tests. ... read more
A smile tells pedestrians the car is aware of them

Smiling car development to help pedestrians feel safe

Semcon is proposing a means of enabling driverless cars to acknowledge the proximity of pedestrians by triggering a smile. Eight out of ten pedestr... read more