On-th-go tyre checks can now be performed on The Ray

Taking the pressure off drivers

External tyre sensing aims to take the pressure off motorists so that more regular tyre checks can be performed simply on the move It has to be don... read more
Oasis may benefit from augmented VR HUD

Augmented reality full screen automotive HUD

A collaborative project is underway to develop full width augmented reality windscreen head-up displays for the automotive market. HARMAN and Swiss... read more
Hyundai autonomous IONIQ Concept

Autonomous concept car launches in Los Angeles

The IONIQ concept driverless car has been showcased at a Los Angeles automotive show to demonstrate new designs in affordable autonomy. Hyundai has... read more
Simulating the motion of internal organs during crash testing

Crash Test Simulation to the Soft Core

Jonathan Newell finds out how software modelling of crash testing can now go beyond the outer human shell to the vital organs beneath. The automoti... read more

Electromagnetic machinery safety service available

A new service is being offered to enable machinery manufacturers and users to comply with the latest regulations on workplace EMF. TÜV SÜD Produc... read more