Spectrum DN6.49x-48 digitizerNETBOX

Multi-channel signal analysis with wide input range

The LXI based digitizerNETBOX from Spectrum Instrumentation provides wide flexibility in data acquisition and signal analysis for test engineers. S... read more
Antenna testing equipment in anechoic chamber

Antenna testing – one reflector will do

Andy Pye takes a brief look at a new method of keeping down the cost of antenna systems in the microwave and millimetre ranges. Electromagnetic wav... read more
Alarm signalling products

Xenon strobe beacons for the petroleum industry

A new range of explosian proof xenon strobe beacons for visual alarm signalling in harsh environments is being showcased at Chinese petrochemical indu... read more
NOFFZ fixture for testing four DUTs in parallel

Automatic emergency call testing

Jonathan Newell explores a test system for an automatic emergency call module from Harman, which depends on multiple wireless and cellular technologie... read more

Industrial warning signals gain GOST approval

Sounders, beacons and audible or visual warning signals for use in industrial environments have gained certificates of approval to Russian standards. ... read more