Electric vehicle in use as domestic power source

The first vehicle-to-grid installation has been performed in Loughborough to use an electric vehicle as a power source for domestic electricity. Ce... read more

Project to investigate smart EV car park to power the grid

Cenex to join research team to see how energy between the electricity grid and electric vehicles can be balanced in a car park in Solihull. Cenex w... read more
Rogowski current sensor

Accurate current sensors suit smart city technology applications

The ART Rogowski Current Sensor has been developed by LEM for use in smart city applications, such as safe, secure and robust meter current measuremen... read more

IoT platform for smart city and automotive applications

Nokia launches IMPACT IoT platform to enable connected applications to be developed in the automotive, public sector and smart city industries. Nok... read more
On-th-go tyre checks can now be performed on The Ray

Taking the pressure off drivers

External tyre sensing aims to take the pressure off motorists so that more regular tyre checks can be performed simply on the move It has to be don... read more