On-th-go tyre checks can now be performed on The Ray

Taking the pressure off drivers

External tyre sensing aims to take the pressure off motorists so that more regular tyre checks can be performed simply on the move It has to be don... read more

Report provides increased rail capacity recommendations

A report from TRL and the IMechE examines ways of overcoming the challenges of increasing UK railway capacity over the next twenty years. Closer ru... read more
Rapid charging units for Dundee

Dundee opts for EV charging hubs

Evolt wins contract with Dundee to install further rapid electric vehicle charging stations at three hubs within the city. Evolt, the SWARCO Group... read more
Evolt Electric Nation smart charger

National trial to assess grid demand from EVs

Evolt is taking part in the Electric Nation trial to create technology to manage surges in demand on the national grid during EV charging. Evolt, t... read more
OppCharge charging station inaugurated in Gothenburg

Open interface charging system for Swedish buses

ABB have teamed with Volvo to create charging stations in Gothenburg with an open standard interface. Volvo Buses and ABB have inaugurated a chargi... read more