Infrasound Microphone Set

Infrasound microphone for aerospace research measurements

GRAS releases a microphone with measurement capabilities at extremely low acoustic frequencies for performing aerospace noise tests. Following coll... read more
Semi-anechoic chamber at Ghent University

Ghent University installs semi-anechoic chamber

Absorbent wedge mounting system enables fast chamber reconfiguration capabilities for acoustic researchers at Ghent University. Merford Noise Contr... read more

Annual acoustics awards to take place in June

Entry for the Association of Noise Consultants’ (ANC) 2017 awards is now open to UK based acoustic consultants. The awards, due to be presented o... read more
Avoiding noise induced hearing loss

Avoiding noise induced hearing loss in the workplace

Honeywell has provided a package of information including video information in a campaign to help reduce workplace related hearing loss. Honeywell ... read more

Free seminar on noise and vibration monitoring

Noise and vibration monitoring specialists are speaking at a free one-day seminar being held by AcSoft companies in Bedfordshire. The AcSoft Group,... read more