Engineering challenges of noise in the ether

Noise in the ether

Andy Pye finds out how noise levels in the ether are providing engineering challenges both on the macro and micro scale. Wind energy is to have a m... read more
Positronic EM360 banding backshell

360 degree EMI shielding for D-sub connectors

Astute is now supplying the Positronic EM360 EMI shielding backshell for use with D-subminiature connectors for space and aviation applications. Po... read more
QM-2 test of NASA SLS solid rocket booster in Promontory, Utah

Ground test completed on deep space rocket booster

Orbital ATK take another step towards putting man on Mars with successful testing of the NASA SLS deep space solid rocket motor. In partnership wit... read more
The Beagle Mars probe

The Beagle had landed

Andy Pye spoke to Professor Steve Burnage, chief engineer for Beagle 2's Spin-Up Eject Mechanism (SUEM) about the testing processes for getting the pr... read more
NASA capsule parachute

NASA award for innovative force sensors

Force sensors for use on capsule parachutes on deep space missions have been recognised in an award given to Ixthus partner from NASA. Engineering ... read more