Collaborative robots in manufacturing

Robots in collaboration with humans

Andy Pye looks at the emerging technology of collaborative robotics and some of the safety implications which need to be addressed. Traditionally, ... read more
Aftermarket technology for ULEZ compliance

Aftermarket emission control for ULEZ regulation

UK company is offering an aftermarket design for retrofitting to commercial vehicles to reduce emissions in line with imminent ULEZ regulations. Vi... read more
Robots certified for cleanroom use

Cleanroom certification for collaborative robots

Collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots have been certified for use in ISO 5 cleanrooms. Universal Robots’ lightweight collaborative robot... read more
EMF warning sign

Training course on latest EMF directive

A training course is available from Link Microtek on the EU directive regarding controlling electromagnetic fields in the workplace. Link Microtek ... read more
Exit luminaires for commercial premises

Stylish luminaires illuminate evacuation routes

A new range of lighting products from Eaton provide builders with more options for providing emergency lighting. Eaton has launched a range of attr... read more