Sensor ingestion interface

Vehicle to Cloud data transfer standard proposal

HERE has submitted its proposal for a unifying standard enabling connected autonomous vehicles to communicate through the cloud infrastructure. Loc... read more
Scania to use 5G for V2V communicatrions

Scania tests 5G networks for vehicle autonomy

Ericsson and Scania have teamed up to test the use of 5G networks for low latency communications between vehicles and with smart city infrastructure. ... read more
Immersible sensor

Submersible sensors for fuel depth measurement

Remote power generation sites for telecoms and utility companies can benefit from submersible tank sensors for monitoring fuel levels. Submersible ... read more
Redefining the notion of sensors

Redefining the Notion of Sensors

NI explains how to overcome emerging test challenges as the notion of sensors becomes redefined as technologies incorporate more of them and more unus... read more
Taking 5G from concept to reality

5G from concept to reality

Andy Pye explores how 5G will undoubtedly evolve our wireless networks to heights never before imagined and the challenges such advancement result in.... read more