Near Infrared Borescope

Borescope improves efficiency for industrial gas burners

A near infrared non-contact temperature measuring borescope is being released to enable improved monitoring and control of industrial gas burners. ... read more

Environmental testing laboratory open evening

Engineers are being invited to attend a free demonstration at an open evening being held at TÜV SÜD Product Service in Hampshire. TÜV SÜD Produ... read more
Temperature effects on displacement sensors

Thermal stability effects on displacement sensors

Chris Jones of Micro-Epsilon explains the different types of non-contact displacement sensors and how they are affected by thermal stability. The t... read more
Millbrook proving grounds

4WD Climatic Emissions Chassis Dynamometer opens at event

The UK Automotive Testing Show at Millbrook next month will feature the latest climatic emissions chassis dynamometer for 4WD vehicles. Millbrook G... read more
legionella thermo kit

Thermal testing kit for legionella bacteria

Martindale Electric is providing a thermometer kit to help plant engineers stay within code of practice on legionella control. A legionella testing... read more