HS-173R accelerometer

Triaxial sensors for multichannel vibration measurements

The HS-173R accelerometer from Hansford Sensors is a three axis vibration sensor with environmental protection and excellent frequency response. Ha... read more
AF Impedance Head

Impedance heads for structural measurements

The latest impedance heads from DJB Instruments can be used for modal testing with accurate measurement over a wide bandwidth. DJB Instruments has ... read more

Annual acoustics awards to take place in June

Entry for the Association of Noise Consultants’ (ANC) 2017 awards is now open to UK based acoustic consultants. The awards, due to be presented o... read more
Aerco Provertha X-Code Cable

Crimp connector for harsh railway environments

A rugged ethernet cable connector is now available serving the railway industry and other applications in harsh climatic and vibration environments. ... read more
Metalised Polypropylene film capacitor

Vibration resistant metalised polypropylene film capacitors

A new range of capacitors are available from Panasonic for harsh industrial applications requiring excellent frequency characteristics and resistance ... read more