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Efficient LED lighting for car ferries

LED lighting chosen for energy efficient ferries

Three Norwegian ferries built for reduced emissions are further contributing to energy efficiency with the use of LED lighting throughout the vessels.... read more
LED Reflector

Industrial luminaire gains improved energy savings

The Crompack LED+ luminaire from Eaton has improved energy efficiency providing savings for industrial and commercial premises. Eaton has launched ... read more
Energy saving berth light

Energy saving lighting for use in ship berths

An LED light has been created by Glamox to provide light-weight, energy-saving, safety and efficiency for ship's cabins. Glamox has launched a deco... read more
Automatic window tinting improves office environment

Smart window glass tinting saves energy

The Halio smart tinting glass system can be automatically or manually controlled to improve privacy and energy efficiency in offices. Kinestral Tec... read more
F60 refrigerant dryer from Altas Copco F range

Low maintenance refrigerant dryers

Refrigent drying equipment combines energy efficiency with low maintenance requirements. Atlas Copco has introduced its new F range of professional... read more